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TBH: The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions -

Customer Reviews

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John Bradford
Exactly as described.

"The product is exactly as it was described. Should be a lot of fun in an upcoming trip."

Home Run!

"The geniuses of "truth or drink" strike again with an amazing party game where you see how well you know how your friends and family think! Easily play this with any level of experience and through a simple prompt and voting what you think they will say you will learn so much more about your pals. The graphic design on the cards and the quality of the components make for an amazing experience. Make this the hit of game night. Definitely recommend"

Jean Marrapodi

"The setup of this is quite clever. It has the questions, but with a twist. There's a board game that goes with it. Players answer the yes/no question by placing their chip on their board face down so no one knows the answer. The other players have to determine how every other player will answer the question and put a chip on each player's board indicating how they believe the other player would answer the question. Answers are shared, and each player gets points based on how they matched their friends' choices, so it really does determine how well they know their friends. The questions are varied but definitely involve situations adults would find themselves in. Since adult-oriented can mean so many things, note that I didn't see any sexual questions, but didn't read every card. What I did see looked appropriate for my church friends."

It's Just Me
Good selection of questions with a range of topics

"Enjoyed this game, lots of fun conversations were had!"


Had so much fun playing this.