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All about Buy with Prime:

Buy with Prime allows millions of US-based Prime members to shop directly from participating online stores with the trusted experience you expect from Amazon—including fast, free delivery, an easy checkout experience, and returns on eligible orders. When you shop with Cut you’ll see the Amazon Prime logo and delivery promise on eligible products, which signals the item is available for free delivery.

By clicking the Buy with Prime button, you can check out by signing into your Amazon account, which prepopulates your payment and shipping details on the checkout page. You will receive an order confirmation email after placing your order and then a shipping confirmation email with a link for tracking when the order is shipped.

When you decide to purchase a product using Buy with Prime on Cut, you will be prompted to sign into your Amazon account. You can then complete your order using your preferred payment method stored in your Amazon account.

Buy with Prime purchases are shipped from Amazon Prime warehouses, and delivered by Amazon Prime delivery methods, the same as any other Amazon order.

You can check your order status by clicking on the link in your shipment confirmation email, which will bring you to your order details page on Cut.com. For Buy with Prime purchases, you can’t see or track orders on your Amazon.com orders page or in the Amazon mobile app.

Yes, you must be an Amazon Prime member to purchase products using Buy with Prime on Cut. When you click on the Buy with Prime button, you will be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account, and your order will be processed using your preferred payment and shipping information stored in your Amazon account. 

If you're not an Amazon Prime member, you can also check out using the traditional checkout button and we will ship your order via our usual means!