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Humblebrag Game | The Bluffing, Boasting, Trivia Card Game

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How many plausible hot dog toppings can you name in 60 seconds?

More importantly, how many can you CLAIM to know?

Each card asks you to name things from a category… But you only have to actually do it if someone calls your bluff.

How well can you convince others that you really know what you claim to know?

The stakes keep rising as play moves around the table, until someone gets challenged. It’s fun, funny and more strategic than it seems. Plus, your mind goes blank when the timer starts… it can be tougher than you might expect!

Humblebrag isn’t just about what you know—it’s also in what you can convince other players of.

This game is one part Scattergories, one part Bullshit, and all parts fun!

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards to win!

3+ players | Ages 13+ | 30 minutes