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Daniel A
Hours of fun!

So glad I bought this game, it was super fun to play it with family!

Jonathon pendleton
Nice amazing game

I wish I could convince people from work to play but military peeps be worried about stores getting out 😂🤣😂

Best game ever! (Says my 10-year-old!)

This is such a great game I can’t say enough good things about it! It engages everyone in a way no other game has, truly. From our youngest being 10 to our oldest being 16, and with adult friends, as well as with other families whose kids range in ages, it’s a hit, helps us get to know each other better, and really reflect on what’s important, while laughing really hard and having so much fun. I’m a therapist too and would definitely use it with clients, not only kid/teens, but also families who may struggle with conflict and need more positive experiences of spending time together.

Dave J.
Great party game

All the weird details you can add to the questions make this really fun. One game went for 3 hours because we kept making it more and more elaborate. With the right friend group, this game really lends itself to making super absurd, wonderful, creative jokes that you'll remember forever.

Mark Hill

TBH: The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions