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A party game of asking unusual questions – and predicting how the others’ answers will line up!

Lineup is a casual game of guessing and conversation for 4–8 players. 

  • First, a player will draw a question card to ask the group. The question might be about their life experiences, their opinions, how many hats they own, how charming they consider themselves, how far they think they could throw a wheel of cheese... Anything that can be answered with a number of some kind. The game comes with 448 different questions. 
  • Each player answers the question secretly and sets the answer aside.
  • Then, each player creates their own lineup of guesses, based on how you think the the other players answered – who'll be highest, who'll be lowest, and who'll be in between. 
  • Each player then reveals their answer and explains why they answered that way. (This is the fun part. You learn SO MUCH about people doing this!) 
  • Once all the answers are revealed and put into the final order, you score points for any correct guesses. At the end of the game, the most accurate predictor wins!   

Each game comes with:

  • 224 double-sided question cards (448 questions)
  • 8 answer cards (1 for each player)
  • 8 guess boards (1 for each player)
  • 8 dry erase markers
  • Game rule sheet 

The base game has some mildly spicy content, but we consider the content family-friendly for teens and up. (Nothing more inappropriate than, say, a Simpsons episode.)

The NSFW Deck contains adult content appropriate for ages 18+. This is an optional addition and is not packaged in the main game box.

Featuring a variety of questions covering topics from all facets of life, Lineup is a light-hearted party game that will inspire conversations and laughter. If you're a fan of Cut, you’ll love Lineup!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super fun game!

I loved it and so did my family! Great to play with all ages!

Shaun R
Love It

Great adult board game that doesn’t take long to learn and quickly has everyone jumping in on the fun. The game itself is high quality and very well made. We played mostly with the NSFW deck and although it brings a bit of naughty/taboo fun it isn’t over the top vulgar. This style of game is really not about winning but rather prompting conversations, laughter, and stories. That said, I think the scoring in the game felt a bit off and made it hard to recognize the players that were very “good” at lining people up vs. those that were just “ok”.

Alfred Skedebäck

My colleagues are obsessive about playing this game. And others, that have not played it, come up to me and ask if I can bring it again next time to play with them becouse they heard that is was so much fun. Already lending it out to a colleague so she can play it with her family :)

Aidan Hanlon