You’ve watched our viral series of uncomfortable truths and revealing conversations.

Now, bring the experience home with T.O.D.: CUT’s bestselling game of confessions, cringes and building deep connections.

“An amazing way to supercharge friendships...Definitely the best of this sort of game I’ve played.”

—Kate, customer from May 2022

The game contains 410 intensely personal questions across 4 different levels of intimacy.

  • Acquaintances: For when you need help being nice. Get to know folks better.
  • Friends: Get more personal with these questions featuring just the right amount of bite.
  • Besties: Probing questions for your deepest and darkest friendships.
  • NSFW: Extremely spicy questions will have you learning way more than you should.

Each box also contains strategy cards, to make more people answer any question, as well as some blank cards, for writing your own insightful inquiries.

You can also bundle the base game with our EXTRA DIRTY set (very NSFW!) and our SIN set (likewise) for even more awkward moments. 

Or, add our other game FEAR PONG to take your parties to the next level!

Will you tell the cold hard truth? 

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Are you ready to learn WAY more than you should?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 300 reviews
Was able to have deep conversations with my man

I wasn't too sure if these were going to be any good questions but i learned so much about my boyfriend and had deep conversations with him bc of him sure its a bit pricey BUT there is so many questions


"This was a really fun game. It gets super risqué as you go up the levels of the card but you can REALLY get to know people when you play this game. Fun for people you’ve known for a little or a while based on the questions you pull!"

Fun game

"Fun game to play"

Z. Davisun
get this if youre fan of the youtube channel

"i dont watch Cut personally, but rather youtubers that react to their shows, and it's fun to watch while playing along with this kit, or just using this game with your fellow friends. also comes with nice shot glasses."

Fun for groups!

"This is a fun group game if everyone is on board! Some of the decks are family appropriate and others...not so much. My friend group actually found this game to be more tame than expected. I think the Youtube videos that inspired the game are more entertaining than the game itself - but it will absolutely depend on how open your group is and the dynamic between the people within the group. It really throws a wrench is the game if anyone is new to the group. Hope this helps! 🤣"